The Blood Mage Chronicles

The Blood Mage Chronicles
Authors: ,
Series: Blood Mage Chronicles, Book 0
Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sword and Sorcery

In the Known Kingdoms, Twins are killed at birth.

Twins harness energy in an unpredictable and dangerous way.

Twins almost destroyed the world.

When Ash and Rae's secret is discovered and Rae is kidnapped, Ash must learn to control his natural ability to manipulate the energy of his world to save her.

Energy can't be created or destroyed... but it can be harnessed...

Two rules must always be observed. Two rules everyone knows.

Do not use energy from the living.

Do not reanimate the dead.

Ash will do anything to get Rae back...even breaking their sacred laws.

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About the Book

This is a boxed set that contains all three books in The Blood Mage Chronicles. This is a dark fantasy series that will appeal to fans of The Name of the Wind.

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