Authors: ,
Series: The Nova Chronicles, Book 7
Genres: Action, Adventure, Science Fiction
ASIN: B018W3ZO34
ISBN: 9781519575968

A mission. Too good to be true.

A bounty. Not worth the cost.

An anonymous invitation lures Nova and Aart into the clutches of a madman.
While they've been focused on the evil Confederacy, this mission will remind them that sometimes individuals can be even worse.

Now they must Fight or Die.

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About the Book

While the Hunters of The Jagged Maw pick themselves up and rebuild after the Confederacy’s assault, Nova gets an anonymous invitation.

With the promise of a special bounty and a lavish reward she accepts. But, the challenge isn’t what it first appears and before long she’s fighting tooth and nail for survival.

As if fighting the Confederacy wasn’t bad enough, she’s about to learn that sometimes people can be even worse.

Book Seven: Adventurer

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