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  1. All 7 books in the series are very riveting. I stayed up past midnight to finish each book. My only complaint is that whoever proof reads these books needs to find a different job. I’m looking forward to reading #8, & hoping the series continues beyond that.
    One thing that does confuse me is the changing concept of them ?traveling? between galaxies, but staying only in the Milky Way. They would have to have one heck of a drive system to cover the millions of light years.

    • Hi Thom,

      Thank you for leaving a comment and for your kind words. I’m very glad you enjoyed The Nova Chronicles!

      I’m concerned that you found problems with editing – I have a few people who look over the books (including readers such as yourself), before I publish to make sure things are OK. If you have time I’d really appreciate you giving an example of something you found so that I can look at how big an issue it is.

      Ah space travel – always an area of contention 🙂 … The Nova Chronicles were never meant to be ‘hard’ science fiction, and so I haven’t delved into how they travel between galaxies (they do – e.g. there are multiple ‘inner’ and ‘outer’ galaxies that she travels between, they definitely don’t stay within the Milky Way) but other than a vague hand-waving ‘warp’, I don’t go into the science side. I may in the future write a different series that is more hard science fiction but The Nova Chronicles are more action-adventure than anything else. I hope that kind of answers your question but if you have any more thoughts I’d love to hear them.

      Again, I’m glad you enjoyed the books and I will get Book 8 out for you ASAP 🙂


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