Alien Origins: The Descendant

Alien Origins: The Descendant
Authors: ,
Genres: Action, Adventure, Science Fiction, Thriller

Ultimate Discovery

Melody, a cutting-edge archaeologist, stumbles onto the biggest find in human history, but there are many people who would rather the truth stay buried.

On the Run

Melody must avoid religious fanatics, the government, and a deadly hidden enemy to uncover the secrets of humanity's origins.

Uncover the Past

In order to survive and unravel the mysteries she’s stumbled upon, Melody must delve deep into her past and discover the truth of her identity, before her history catches up with her.

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About the Book

Someone has been watching us for a very long time…

The Descendant is an action-adventure with thriller elements as Melody uncovers not just her own past, but that of the entire human race.

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