Starship Renegades: Uprising

Starship Renegades: Uprising
Series: Starship Renegades, Book 1
Genres: Action, Adventure, Science Fiction
ISBN: 9781699340783

A derelict ship. The salvage of a lifetime. A ragtag crew.

The Imperium took everything from Kari. With the rebellion dead, she’s forced to fight from the shadows.

Salvaging a stranded Imperium ship offers the perfect opportunity. But when Kari and her crew arrive, they find more questions than loot. Where are the crew? What happened to the other raiders? And what is the ship’s AI hiding in the restricted zones?

The secrets will change Kari’s life. But with the Imperium on their heels, death comes faster than answers.

Join the Starship Renegades for an action-filled space adventure!

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