Starship Renegades: Stranded

Starship Renegades: Stranded
Series: Starship Renegades, Book 6
Genres: Action, Adventure, Science Fiction
ISBN: 9798624796836

No supplies. No help. No hope.

Kari’s a captain without a starship. She’s stranded on some backwater planet after a brutal encounter with the Imperium. Kari’s got victor’s laurels, but you can’t eat them. Her crew are starving, and with no way offworld mutiny looms.

When a vital piece of the engine goes missing, Kari straps on a blaster and goes hunting. If there’s something alive out there, maybe she’ll eat it, or maybe she’ll end up dead. Either way, Kari’s not going down without a fight.

Join the crew of the crashed Ghost for a plasma-riddled adventure in Starship Renegades: Stranded. Just don’t go into the forest alone.

Release date 17th March 2020. Available for pre-order now.

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