Skin Deep

Skin Deep
Authors: ,
Genres: Action, Adventure, Fairytale, Fantasy, Science Fiction
Publisher: The Collective Scifi
Publication Year: 2015

Beauty is supposed to be more than skin deep...

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About the Book

Beauty is supposed to be more than skin deep, but in Ravyn’s world the Desirables rule and the Undesirables hide their faces.

Ravyn hates the system and wants nothing more than to be left alone in her workshop, but her life is turned upside down when she’s voted Fairest Of Them All and becomes a direct threat to the most powerful woman on the planet.

In order to survive, Ravyn must fight and overthrow the current government with little more than her own strength and seven dysfunctional robots.

Can she change a whole world, or will she be crushed under the wheels of the status quo?

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