Prison Quest

Prison Quest
Authors: ,
Genres: Action, Adventure, GameLit, Science Fiction
ASIN: B07N12JY67
ISBN: 9781091889361

Cody's world is about to be stripped away.

Cody works security for the powerful Vortax Corp, but when she's thrown into a virtual prison, she has one thought: Escape.

In the virtual town of Firebrand, Cody must fight to survive, but perhaps she might stand a chance of escape, if only she can complete the Prison Quest.

Join Cody as she battles mutants and monsters in a fast-paced adventure that blends science fiction and fantasy in a world of virtual reality.

This books uses some gaming conventions familiar to fans of GameLit, but non-gamers will have no difficulty following the characters in their struggle for freedom.

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About the Book

This book uses the conventions of role playing games, including stats, but non-gamers will be able to follow it with no trouble.

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