The Last Martian

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Genres: Science Fiction, Thriller
Publication Year: Coming Soon
About the Book

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The Last Martian is based on the short story “The Last Man on Mars“, written by Saffron several years ago. It is a thought provoking story about a man and his struggle to go on living even after losing everything. It also explores the bigger question; does the human race deserve to be remembered?

The Last Martian will be released in 2017, more information coming soon!

The Last Martian

What if you were the last human?

Coming soon... make sure you sign up to the newsletter so you know when it's released!

Randor breaks out of his cell to find he's the Last Martian after everyone else on the planet is killed by a deadly infection.

After losing everyone he loves he must find the will to live, but he soon learns that living with himself is harder than he thought.

He must face all the perils of loneliness and space and keep the memory of the human race alive. Perhaps long enough to pass it on...
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